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The preventive maintenance program Tecsa helps protect the electrical system of your company.

“The service pays for itself by avoiding stoppages and electrical fires.”


  • Reduce risks and costs in the electricity system.
  • Avoid production stoppages.
  • Double the life of the electrical distribution system of your company.

Tecsa is a unique electrical service provider which has developed and established processes to protect its facilities and reduce costly repairs.

The programs are tailored to the particular needs of your facilities.



  • Reduce costs by interruptions.
  • Minimize security risks.
  • Extend the life of equipment.
  • Minimize electricity costs.
  • Redice repair costs.
  • Reduce exposure to arc flash.


  1. Assess the current electrical system.
  2. Determine the critical points of operation.
  3. Analyze the electrical distribution system.
  4. Develop a maintenance plan.
  5. Monitoring.



Through the innovative model Tecsa production scheduled shutdowns for preventive maintenance are reduced.

  • Assets and traceability of results are managed by a specialized software.
  • Backup equipment, electrical generators up to 810 kw, electrical transformers up to 200 kva, electrical boards and substations.
  • DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan 24/7.
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